Adventure Club

Adventure Club is post-apocalyptic revolutionary logistics training.

I created Adventure Club with friends and had monthly adventures between 2003 and 2008.

Think of Adventure Club as radical skill-share. Anything from extreme hide and seek to urban squatting to billboard liberation to clandestine activism.

We are building new traditions and rituals. Adventure Club is fundamentally meaningful, giving people intellectual and emotional tools they need to survive in the world. AC actions always have a training element, are always physical, and are completed in a single night (or day). AC is not merely fun and pranks, but that’s often part of it.

During Adventure Club you may be asked to go beyond the limits of what you may consider safe and comfortable, and sometimes beyond the limits of what is strictly legal.

Think of it like this: if the world were to go to hell tomorrow, if we were to further descend into a jackbooted fascist police state or post-soviet era chaos – or if we create our new world full of music and dancing and wilderness – what skills would you wish you had?

Here are just some of the ideas we’ve either done or considered for Adventure Club:

Billboard Repurposing
Extreme Hide-and-Seek
Evading Security
Living in the Woods
Urban Camping
Road Blockades
Climbing barbwire & other barriers
Climbing Buildings
Guerilla Gardening
Watching Clouds
Brazen Square-dancing