Tao and Zen: Alan Watts Listening Group

Each week, we will watch the sunset over the bay, listen to an hour lecture, and enjoy a discussion and tea afterward. Alan Watts looks at the nature of reality and consciousness, relating his experience to scientific knowledge, theology, and philosophy with characteristic lucidity and humor.  Or in his words:

I find it a little difficult to say what the subject matter of this seminar is going to be, because it’s too fundamental to give it a title. I’m going to talk about what there is, the basic ideas that influence our everyday common sense and our fundamental notions about what life is about.”

Bring warm clothes, and if you can, a thermos of tea or biscuits to share.  Look for my old white truck parked at the overlook on Coolidge Dr at UCSC.

I facilitated this workshop series once in the spring of 2009 covering basic metaphysics with an introduction to Taoism, and again in the spring of 2010, focused on Tao and its Japanese cousin, Zen Buddhism.