Dark Night of DIY Rag Dolls and Monsters

A workshop on creating do-it-yourself ragdolls and stuffed monsters.

Build dolls and monsters by hand out of the scraps from your sewing room or workshop. We will drink tea and make dolls and stay up all night sewing and watching the Brothers Quay, Jan Svankmajer, Tim Burton, and Henry Selick.

Throughout history dolls have been made of every conceivable material: bisque, celluloid, china, clay, cloth, corn husks, paper, plastic, polymer clay, porcelain, resin, rubber, vinyl, wax, wood, bone, ivory, papier-mâché, and leather.

I created this workshop in 2009, in which a dozen students created ragdolls and monsters, after which we held an art exhibition of our work.  In the following two years, the class was taught twice more by other teachers.