Duplicating FOMOphobia Clients 5

I guess we’re at the stage where we are ready to have more than a single prototype of the FOMOclients.



Not sure whether you know this, but I’ve only just joined the Cult of Mac. The last time I used one was back in 1983 when someone asked me to program their Apple Lisa. Much has changed. Everything pretty much just works exactly like you want it to. And when you find something that irritates you and you try fruitlessly to fix it through the ridiculously scant Mac menus and you are sure it can’t be changed, 5 minutes of google proves you wrong and you let out a relieved sigh, whew, that your Faith has not been shaken.

Yes, I am now a totally devoted culty. By far the best thing Apple has done in its many years is to build OSX on Linux. I’m not sure really how they did it so elegantly. It is like a marriage between the famously-easily-maintainable volkswagen and a BMW M5.


So in order to copy my little SD card from my Raspberry Pi, I use the familiar and ancient dd:

$ sudo dd if=/dev/disk1 of=~/Desktop/pi.img bs=1m

And writing the imagefile back to another SD card was no harder than:

$ sudo dd if=~/Desktop/pi.img of=/dev/disk1 bs=1m

And of course, since this, is uh, not a movie, I have to do this simple but time-consuming task several times from scratch as I discover problems that need fixing in the original RPi image.

5 thoughts on “Duplicating FOMOphobia Clients

  1. Reply James Dec 2,2013 4:41 pm

    Oh noes! Is your SD slot already kaput? You should make sure you take advantage of the warranty to fix that, preferably at the last possible moment because if they don’t have your model to swap they’ll give you a free upgrade. Assuming you didn’t ram a knife in there or sumptin’ :-)

  2. Reply wmodes Dec 2,2013 4:52 pm

    Oh no, I don’t mean that I had to do the whole thing from scratch, only dd’ing the RPi OS from the proto SD card as I note serious problems. It’s all good. All 5 RPi’s are copied and updated. (I created an easy update mechanism that I can flash the fomo client from afar.)

  3. Reply James Dec 2,2013 5:33 pm

    No, I meant I can see you have a USB card reader in the picture (with the card in it) and the SD slot on you mac is empty… I wondered if there is a way to persuade rsync to either keep/compute its block hashes separate from the target file, it would be way quicker to update your images that way. An experiment for another time :-)

    • Reply wmodes Dec 2,2013 5:39 pm

      SD CARD ON MY MACBOOK PRO?! What are you saying? My new MacBook Pro has an SD card reader/writer? Oh shit, you are right! LOLZ I had no idea.

      • Reply James Dec 2,2013 7:10 pm

        Yay! Love finding new useful bits of hardware. Hmm, do you also know that the hole that has the headphone jack is also a S/PDIF output (optical 5.1 audio) You need a little plastic adaptor thing but those are cheap. Sorry to say all the other holes are boring and self evident :-) Well actually the mini-DisplayPort connector is a little surprising since it has the PCI bus on it (!) as well as video.

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