I served as a producer and webmaster for Redwood City-based Extempo from 1998 to 1999 .  Extempo was a technology company that developed intelligent interactive guides for Web sites, that is web-based avatars that communicated with users in natural language.  The characters featured distinctive personas, well-defined functional roles, multi-dimensional mood dynamics, natural language conversation, social and learning skills, and adaptation.

I was part of a team responsible for authoring characters on Extempo’s Imp Character Development tools, creating avatars, and scripting their natural language responses.  I worked with founder Barbara Hayes-Roth a Stanford University faculty who managed the Virtual Theater Project, an interdisciplinary research group, and worked on adaptive intelligent agents at the Knowledge Systems Laboratory.

Additionally, I served as webmaster and web designer for company Internet site. I redesigned and implemented a new site, provided design direction, set goals and milestones, maintained deadlines, coordinating artists and technical people, and anticipated contingencies and growth. I created and maintained day-to-day content. Created new tools and procedures to aid in web-based projects.

I also prepared detailed proposals for new projects, including objectives, strategy, timetables, resources/budgeting, team organization, and detailed requirements.