First Inlay Test for FOMOphobia 2

I think I told you I wasn’t stoked about the early digital sketches for FOMOphobia.  Remember this?


And I think I told you I was thinking about an Ikea-esque look.  Here’s a quicky digital sketch that gives you an idea where I’m going. Mail-Module-Sketch-v2 It’s much bigger, for one. The wooden part is 2 foot square with a light wood inlaid into the darker wood. I picked up some very fine 3/4″ oak veneer plywood and a really beautiful thin white mahogany plywood. Since the laser cutter always gets jammed up right before the Open Studios exhibition, I thought it was prudent to start my laser cutter experiments right away. I needed to find out what laser settings would cut into the oak deep enough to allow me to inset the mahogany, so I did a series of tests. IMG_1933 I took really careful notes as I lasered the shit out of a scrap of oak plywood.


 After a dozen tests, I was happy with the depth of the cut. Then I was ready for my first real inlay experiment. IMG_1940 Here are the pieces ready to go. These are pretty small. 6 inches square. IMG_1941 And the result. IMG_1944 This is just a test. The final piece is 2 foot square or approximately 16 times larger by area. This is unsanded and unvarnished.  The smoke staining will sand right off. I think next time, I’ll put the grain up and down as in the sketch.

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    Wow, that’s pretty cool!

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