Free Skool Post-Apocalyptic Survival Weekend

On the holiday weekend of May 26th, we are hosting a role-play and survival skill-share and two-night Free Skool campout all rolled into one.  This is an apocalyptic journey into the future – weeks, months after the shit goes down. It is a struggle for your survival and every day and every night is a learning experience in truly living. We will learn how to live with little more than our wits and natural materials. Far from being our enemy, the wilderness is our home and partner for survival. Leave your technology behind and join us.

I co-organized this weekend in 2007 in which two dozen people camped out in the Santa Cruz mountains.  It was inspired by both my Debris Shelter Campout and History of the Future Free Skool classes.  Discussion around the campfire on the first night centered on what made these hills and forests special and indirectly launched the Long Range Resistance movement to UCSC’s development of the upper campus forest.