Grateful Dead Archive Online

I served as the system architect and engineer for the Grateful Dead Archive Online from Mar 2010 to the present.  GDAO launched June 29th, 2012, a multimedia archive of thirty years of the band’s official and unofficial history encompassing 45 thousand photos, videos, audio recordings, and documents.

As part of my role as the University Library system administrator, I designed and built the systems infrastructure of this high-impact, large-scale complex system featuring virtualization, horizontal scalability, peer-based database replication, full-scale monitoring, and load testing. Day to day, this meant working closely with the small implementation team, which included a designer, developer, and operations manager.

I was responsible for over a hundred tasks during the seven month development cycle of this system. Some of these included: Designing the component architecture, layer intercommunication, development environment, and database architecture; Creating the operating system template that served as the foundation of each of the virtualized hosts in the cluster; Implementing the various layers, MySQL, web servers, image servers, web caching, shared file cache server, index server, search server, and monitoring server; Set up load testing and report on results; Set up VMWare high availability and DRS rules; Set up monitoring for web, NFS, MySQL, switches, SAN storage, load, and local disk storage; Hardening security on the cluster; Wrote code that simplified or automated management of several score hosts, two clusters, monitoring, and self-throttling.

I gave several presentations before and after launch on the technical aspects of the system and the lessons learned from the project, including a presentation to the Monterey Bay Area Cooperative Library System and one at a UCSC ITS Townhall.