Getting to Work on the FOMOserver 1

I’ve done a little work on the RPi’s, but nothing yet on the server that FOMOphobia will use to serve up social media content to the installation.  Now we get down to it.  I won’t bore you with the details (the response to some of the super techy posts has been uniform silence), but I can give you an idea of the work that is going into it.

  1. Create the virtual server at my hosting company (the excellent French host
  2. Set up my Domain Name Service record to point to the new server (so the FOMOclients in the installation can easily find it)
  3. Configure networking stuff
  4. Configure security stuff (there’s a lot of this to make sure the server is hardened from malicious hackers and ner-do-wells)
  5. Make sure the OS is up-to-date
  6. Install database server
  7. Install web server


There is still so much to do, but this gives me a base system upon which to build.


Since there is nothing particularly graphic about this step of the project, I opted to just throw in a bunch of complicated diagrams to impress you.

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  1. Reply Jeremiah Nov 23,2013 9:44 pm

    Ha! As I was looking at those VIsios without reading the entry I was thoroughly confused about the scope of the project all of the sudden. Then I read the post. Very funny.

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