Served as the Web Marketing Manager at Interwoven, maker of TeamSite CMS, in Sunnyvale from 1999 to 2001.

I was the manager and senior technical team member of group responsible for all external and internal Web properties in rapid growth environment. I conceptualized, designed, coded, and maintained a dozen major Enterprise-class Web properties with thousands of contributors and hundreds of thousands of pages.

Behind-the-scenes, I developed production tools, workflows, training, staff, and procedures. I prepared and executed detailed proposals for new projects, including objectives, strategy, timetables, resources/budgeting, team organization, and detailed requirements.

Part of our challenge was training expert contributors to be web savvy.  Additionally, we were working to establish best practices for webmasters in other organizations using our CMS.  As a result, I developed and socialized corporate domain expertise, best practices and culture through various internal and external channels.

This was at the tail-end of the dotCom bubble and enterprise software was going great guns.  The company was founded by Pen Ong, one of the founders of  During this period, Interwoven had a very successful IPO.  In 2000, Interwoven was offering BMW Z3 sport cars as a hiring incentive to new engineers.   Interwoven was acquired by Autonomy in 2009 and then by Hewlet Packard in 2011.