Mapleton Communications

At Mapleton Communications in Monterey, I served as the Technology Director from 2002 to 2004.

Mapleton is the owner of a half dozen radio stations in the Monterey Bay market, and I was responsible for all the public and behind-the-scenes computing resources, including websites for each of the radio stations.

I was originally hired as the KPIG webmaster, a station with thirty years of authentic and unique radio history.  I designed and coded a new KPIG website, a site serving tens of thousands of listeners worldwide, wholly database and PHP-driven.

I became the technology director at Mapleton, an organization with increasing technical needs but little tech expertise.  I brought to the Mapleton, successful long term planning, operation, and administration of all computing systems, including file, email, network, and web servers, desktop machines, networks, and resources. I prepared and executed detailed proposals for new projects, including objectives, strategy, timetables, and resources/budgeting. Established and communicated best practices enterprise-wide.