UBEW Meet & Geek

Since 2010, I have helped organize a monthly social gathering for tech-minded people who have an interest in software and hardware projects that benefit the radical community. We share ideas, help each other with projects, geek out in an egalitarian format, and consume mugs of frothy fermented grain beverage in the process.

In this highly informal gathering, we drink, laugh, and try not to talk over each other too badly.  Topics flying around may or may not include:  feminism and the tech industry, Raspberry Pi, shit-talking geeks obsessed with money and jobs, hacktivism classes, complaining about our own jobs, geeks on reality TV, morally bankrupt local politicians, converting an IBM Selectric to a USB device, and whose paying for the next pitcher.

A background or an interest in making stuff, computer programming, building hardware or electronics, and general geek culture might be helpful in understanding what the hell we are talking and laughing about.