The Art & Work of Wes Modes

How do you summarize a life? For thirty years or more, I’ve been a technology geek, artist, organizer, performer, adventurer, writer, and teacher.

I’ve lead workshops on circuit hacking, Linux, web design, and robots;  programmed interactive fiction, chatterbots, and activist tools; created a tech collective; and worked for thirty years in the industry.

As an artist, I’ve focused on assemblage and sculpture; engaged unsuspecting audiences with interactive improvisation; engineered contexts that encouraged adults to play; and performed with unique ensemble musical groups.

As an organizer and activist, I’ve drawn together community groups to address social problems; organized an anarchist community space; founded long-lasting collectives focused on education, film, art, and music; and organized remarkable and meaningful events, conferences, and celebrations.

I’ve hopped freight trains, climbed buildings, explored the urban underground, and rafted rivers.  I’ve published stories, articles, and zines, and contributed to a selections of books, founding and editing influential online journals.

In this portfolio, I’ve attempted to capture in broad strokes some of the color of my art and work.