Programming Programming Programming FOMOphobia

I’ve been having a little programming marathon over the last few days.  This is a major aspect of the project I’ve been putting off. I love programming, but hate getting started. Consequently, my room is clean, the dog and all my laundry got washed (not through the same process), I made a new batch of Kahlua for white Russians, I hung a shelf Kai made me, and I finally finished book five of Game of Thrones.

I do like planning for programming. My major goals were these:

  1. All social media data is being dumped into a Data Warehouse – CHECK (Remember this?).
  2. Content is being read (and counted) by a FOMOserver that is processing it and adding it to a database.
  3. The FOMOserver is able to serve content and counts to FOMOclients.
  4. FOMOclients (the microprocessors in each module of the piece) are able to retrieve and display this data.

Subsidiary goals were:

  1. Updates happen frequently
  2. Not dependent on flaky commercial APIs
  3. All the really smart stuff and configuration is on the FOMOserver not the clients
  4. Everything uses secure networking, strong passwords, and good certifications

I’m making pretty good progress on all of this. I’m still scared shitless I won’t have everything ready by Friday, but I’m just working like crazy with the outside hope I will succeed.

I just processed all the social media being stockpiled in the data warehouse for the last week.  Check this.


Wow, no wonder I have FOMO.


Straight out the database. It was weird watching this stuff go by in this form for some reason.

Then I worked on creating a simple way for the clients to retrieve content. HTTP is perfect because it is simple, open on most networks, can be made secure, and can encode the details of the request in the URL.



Okay, check.  Next step is to make the clients retrieve this info.  Okay, back to the programming mines to chisel out bits one by zero.

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