Home Ownership for Punx

A workshop on the possibilities of Home Ownership for punk kids, co-op living communitarians, renters, hippie families, etc.  This is an attempt to spark a movement of community-owned homes and to ensure that all the best people don’t flea the outrageous rents in this beautiful but expensive area. Straight up: If you pay rent, you can afford a house, even in this outrageously expensive area.

I facilitated this Free Skool workshop series in 2009, 2010, and 2011 in which a handful of young radicals came to learn and share what they knew about home ownership.

Let’s talk about buying a house: what to look for, loans, equity, down payments, financial bullshit. More importantly, let’s talk about alternatives to the fucked-up system of personal homeownership: land trusts, collectives, and creating a network of community-owned homes. Let’s get together and create a vision of the strong, rooted community we want to see.  We have complicated feelings about ownership, trying to balance our abhorrence of participating in the economy with living in the world we have now. So bring those feelings.

Years ago, we began talking about what was needed to sustain an active radical community in the Santa Cruz area.  One of our number one observations was that expensive housing prices took people out of the practice of activism in favor of full-time work or took them to other less expensive areas.  I understood that stable, sustainable housing solutions were critical to a multi-generational, active radical community.  I concluded that a model for collective-owned or community-owned home ownership was needed.