Revolutionary Garden Society

Starting in 2004, I incorporated and established a non-profit to serve as a fiscal and non-profit sponsor for local radical projects.

Revolutionary Garden Society provides mutual support to groups and individuals making radical social change with a focus on anti-authoritarian and non-hierarchical struggles through direct support, community involvement, and education. Our goals center on creating more self-reliant, more inter-connected communities.

RGS is a not-for-profit cooperative venture based in Santa Cruz, California. RGS is collectively organized and makes decisions through consensus. Funding is through grassroots sources and non-governmental grants.

RGS provides fiscal sponsorship to affiliated groups requiring a 501(c)(3) non-profit to accept grants or donations. Fiscal sponsorships are as light-handed as necessary while still meeting the minimal requirements of a legally-recognized tax-exempt non-profit.  RGS is a fiscal sponsor of SubRosa Community Space, Union of Benevolent Electrical Workers, Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In, and Santa Cruz Free Skool.

I continue to serve on the board of directors of RGS.