Sniffing out Alarm Bells for FOMOphobia 1


The design of FOMOphobia calls for a large loud alarm bell to indicate that you have social media messages waiting. But where to find alarm bells? On Ebay, the cheapest of these was 25 bucks. I budgeted for four of them.

“Hi, I’m an artist at UCSC and I’m making a project that calls for those big exterior mechanical alarm bells. Do you have any of these? Used or new doesn’t matter. Voltage doesn’t matter either.”¬†Today, I called every security company and fire equipment company in the county.

The¬†almost universal response was, “Well, no, haven’t used those in a while. Don’t think we have any. Sorry.”

But at one company, a well-known national security company, I talked to the head of engineering who said, “Yeah, I have a whole box of them. And we don’t have time to put them together and test them and see what voltage they need. Wanna come get them?”

Hell yeah, I wanted to come get them.

I found their fortress in an obscure part of a frontage road east of town.


They really did bring out a box brimming with precisely the type of alarm I was searching for.


So I took them back with Hazel dog back to my lair in the GradLab at UCSC.



There I tested each one with a power supply labeling and sorting and canibalizing to make a shit ton of perfectly good working alarms.





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    yay:-) you’re awesome man!

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