Soapbox 101, 201 & 202: Anarchist Public Speaking

I facilitated three series of Free Skool workshops in 2008, 2010 and 2011 focused on public speaking, and encouraging political radicals to talk more publicly about their ideas and philosophy.

Directly inspired by Emma Goldman’s biography, Living My Life, an attempt to bring back the public lecture as a method of communicating important ideas, and specifically, anarchism.  We will emerge from this class as public speakers able to present entertainingly on ideas about which we are passionate.  We will discuss what makes public speaking successful, do independent research, prepare speeches, practice giving them, role play audience interaction, and critique, review, and help each other.

In the second and third workshop series, you have your speech topic, you’ve practiced some, now we hone your lecture skills to a razor’s edge.  We will work together to create a public speaking event targeted to an audience unfamiliar with the subject of anarchism. If you want to see or participate in creating a series of anarchist public speaking events, join us. Come prepared with a lecture you’ve outlined on a topic relevant to anarchism that you are passionate about.