University of California Santa Cruz

Since 2006, I’ve served as the systems architect, software and web developer, systems and network administrator, technical lead, and project manager for the University Library at UCSC from May 2006 to the present.

As the Library’s sole sysadmin and systems developer, I brought library server infrastructure from ad hoc chaos to stable, standardized, reliable, and redundant technology relied on by staff, students, and faculty.

I reduced cost and leveraged resources by moving all of our servers to virtualized resources and mass storage.  I designed and implemented new university library web infrastructure based on Drupal and MySQL, including a reliable development and staging environment.

I lead major upgrade or replacement projects that were completed on-time and under cost, including file servers, directory servers, and off-campus access systems.  I implemented full-scale 24/7 monitoring and system stats collection.

I created systems to self-document all work of sysadmin and developers, which proved immensely valuable for repeat tasks and problems.

As the team technical lead, I provided guidance and training to team members on a variety of technologies and concepts.

In 2011 and 2012, I served as the systems architect for the Grateful Dead Archive Online.