Woodworking for FOMOphobia

Finally, I’m getting down to making the boxes that hold all the stuff that makes FOMOphobia happen.  This has been stressing me out because it is a considerable amount of work and it is the eleventh hour.

The first thing I did was take careful measurements and build a cut sheet.  I included dimensions, hole locations and diameters, and a few places where holes how to be counterbored from behind for switches and plugs.

IMG_2024  IMG_2025
Compare my cut sheet to my finished pile of cut boards, and you can see that they pretty well match up. Using a chop saw ensured I had good straight cuts. Using a drill press and a simple jig held down with clamps allowed me to make reliably accurate holes easily and quickly. So there are 24 holes per box (shown above) with five total boxes, that’s almost a hundred holes drilled.



A few places I counterbored holes to accept switches and plus so they’d stick out enough to accept their mounting nut. Let me tell you, a good drill press with a stop is a good thing.


Finally I was able to put the boxes together. Glued and screwed. I painted them, then mounted them to the back of the icons. (I realize now you’ve never seen the front of the wood inlayed icons! — was I being perverse or just keeping a sense of mystery in not showing them to you?).



I guess you will see them soon since the show is Friday.

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