Wheel of Programming Chance

An idea generator for programmers

Welcome to the Wheel of Programming Chance. You will be matched with the perfect programming project individually chosen for you.

You need a programming project and somehow lack the imagination or the intellectual tools to come up with one yourself. You haven't heard of brainstorming or mind maps, or didn't listen when they were introduced. Or prehaps really you are a gambler, a rogue, a devil-may-care will-of-the-wisp and prefer to take your chances. In any case, you have chosen to let the fates cast the bones of fortune to see what your future has in store for you. This is not always easy. Nor is it always safe.

We have ideas for you. Maybe we ourselves are gamblers. Maybe we're scofflaws, vagabonds, ne'r-do-wells, troublemakers, who never pass up the chance to play the odds. Or maybe we're just authoritarian d-bags who love the idea of telling people what to do, i-dotting and t-crossing pencil-pushing bureaucrats who love to see people fill out forms in triplicate (in black or blue ink, please).

Before we start we are going to have to get your committment to the results. So we're not wasting our time you understand.


To ensure we have your committment to the process, that you understand that you will abide by the recommendations of the Wheel of Programming Chance, please type I AM COMMITTED in the box below:

If you have an idea for a bad, outrageous, interesting, challenging, and completely wrong idea for a programming project, we need you to submit that at the Wheel of Programming Chance Bad Idea Submission form.