Robert Henke’s Fragile Territories

Have I shared this Robert Henke piece with you in the last few days? I can’t take my eyes off of it. I want to watch it on loop until, well forever. There is something about it I find so arresting. Anyone want to send me to wherever, next time an installation or Fragile Territories opens?

I want to know what makes it tick, how it works, how it looks so organic and glitchy and digital at the same time. I might have to write a paper on it.

Robert Henke is a Berlin sound artists who is responsible for Ableton Live. He’s a longtime Max/MSP programmer. He’s the creative force behind the music of Monolake.

Laughingsquid had a great article when Fragile Territories came out. Here’s a more in-depth article/interview with Henke (though not nearly in-depth enough for me): [interview] Robert Henke and his installation “Fragile Territories”

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