Fun-A-Day 2014

As I did last year and the year before that, I’m participating in Fun-A-Day, a daily art challenge during the month of January originally created by Nick Lally of the Art Clash Collective in Baltimore in 2004. Now Fun-A-Day is a worldwide phenomena.

The idea is to challenge yourself creatively every day for the month of January. Wherever you do your work, however you do your work –show up every day –and do it. It’s that simple. How to challenge yourself is up to you – but do challenge yourself. And share your experiences. This is a fun and powerful experience if you allow it

Show up. Trust the process. Share it.

As I did last year, I’m committing to do a (more-or-less) daily post here detailing some Big Art Idea or project that looms somewhere out in my future. Last year, this month long idea-extravaganza provided an amazing inspirational source list for the rest of the year. Several of the big art ideas moved from concept to reality during the year. Installation ideas, performance ideas, inspirational artists I want to get to know, meta ideas about my art process, that kind of thing.


So again, this Fun-A-Day project is pretty meta, making this post meta-meta, a post about posting about art ideas in the service of daily art. Or something.

I already have a big list of ideas I want to further develop, and even though I am now 3 days behind, I’m confident I’ll catch up quick.


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