Land of Lost Socks

In the mid-1990s, I created a series of some of the earliest interactive web applications. Land of Lost Socks was a simple early social media app in the days before they dominated the internet, connecting random strangers together based on which socks they picked.

Where do all those lost socks go? Sock-eating driers? Alien abduction? Runaway socks hitting the road and living on the streets?

Describe that sock you’ve lost, and we’ll see where it’s ended up. Somebody has the other one, right? You can drop them a note and find out what your sock has been up to.

And of course, as others look for their lost sock, they may drop you a note as well..

I worked with an artist from the Bloomington’s Herald-Times whose identity has sadly been lost to time. 🙁

I never expected these web applications to take off, but they were surprisingly popular.

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