Ragdolls and Monsters

I’ve always had a fascination with homemade ragdolls and creatures.  It started with building monsters by hand out of the scraps from my sewing room.

At one point, I invited friends and Free Skoolers to sleepover on the Dark Night of Ragdolls and Monsters, an event in which we drank tea and made dolls and stayed up all night sewing and watching the animated films of the Brothers Quay, Jan Svankmajer, Tim Burton, and Henry Selick.

Throughout history dolls have been made of every conceivable material: bisque, celluloid, china, clay, cloth, corn husks, paper, plastic, polymer clay, porcelain, resin, rubber, vinyl, wax, wood, bone, ivory, papier-mâché, and leather.


My ragdolls and monsters have been featured in shows:

  • We Are All Animals MMXI, Felix Kulpa Gallery, Santa Cruz. October 2011. Group show. The second installment of “We Are All Animals”, a multi-media art and performance event, artists from the east and west coast gather for a night of howling good times at the Felix Kulpa Gallery in Santa Cruz. A gathering will be held on the night of the opening with treats for all the senses.
  • We Are All Animals, Bricks and Mortar Media, San Francisco. March 2011. Group show. A multimedia experience and art show featuring work by upcoming artists, musicians, movers, and shakers
  • The Dark Night of DIY Ragdolls and Monsters, SubRosa Community Space, Santa Cruz. October 2009. SubRosa is excited to introduce the recent work of the Santa Cruz Anarchist Doll-Making Collective. The show entitled The Dark Night of DIY Ragdolls and Monsters features the work of a dozen artists working individually and collaboratively to create homemade and recombined dolls and monsters.

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