Night Ride Radio Show

Desert road at night far west usa 2009

I produced a radio show on Santa Cruz public radio station KUSP and pirate Free Radio Santa Cruz for six years between 2001 to 2007, over 120 volumes amounting to 230 hours. The show focused on oral history, storytelling, and personal narrative. A score of these shows can currently be heard at

Night Ride is all about the narrative voice. Written as in literature, or spoken as in oral history. Human beings traffic in stories. Let me tell you about my day, my life, or something that happened to me once upon a time. Stories are dreamy. They take you to other places, other times, other lives. Night Ride makes up an aural collage of story and music, in a kind of mood and tone of an intimate conversation driving with a friend on a late night long-distance drive. Each week, Night Ride explored a different theme.

Episodes produced include:

  • “Playing With Fire,” an exploration of deliberately putting oneself in harm’s way
  • “Trainhopping,” hobos and their stories
  • “Rising Water,” floods and other water borne disasters
  • “Point of View,” viewing everything from the other side, including war
  • “Watts,” a exploration of the work of philosopher Alan Watts
  • “Resistance,” direct domestic resistance to the Iraq War
  • “Mad Scientist,” the myth and the reality of the truly mad scientist

With co-hosts Johnny Hirst and Bonnie Primbsch, Night Ride ran between 2001 and 2007, a significant cultural artifact documenting significant personal narrative of ordinary persons, non-fiction story, and public domain recordings. The collection contains 120 volumes, each two to three hours. The personal narrative, interviews, and field recordings featured in the archive are original and not available elsewhere.

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