Seriously, Wheel of Chaos

I was feeling kind of blue, so I drew a couple tarot cards and came up with the Five of Bones (sand falling through my fingers) and Chance (the wheel of fortune, i.e., change). Okay, duh. And now back to work. I knew before I even read it what I’d pulled from my little bag of ToDo tasks: “Work on Wheel of Chaos Proposal.” Yup. You remember my original post about the Wheel of Chaos.


Okay, I get it. I get it.


I’d already been thinking about the Wheel of Chaos. That’s why it was in my ToDo bag. It was inspired by my reading Alan Watts whose advice was stop striving, just play. A reminder that even as I do these serious and ambitious projects, I should also be playing with these smaller projects that I love so much.


I’d been thinking that the Wheel should give you something to remind you that you are now obligated to satisfy the Wheel. Something so you understood the seriousness of the commitment of spinning the Wheel. I’d already been thinking of a solenoid interlock, so the spinner has to acknowledge with a button push that they are in the game, so to speak.


A receipt printer seemed too flimsy. I really would love it if when you spun, the wheel huffed and chugged and produced a punched metal plate with your Dictate on it. How to do that? Controlling a metal punch is not trivial. I know, I’ve looked into it.


But if the printed Dictate was already printed, then you could just remove it when a decision was rendered. That would be okay, though not as cool as one punched special for you.

I’ve struggled with the form of this sculpture forever. I think I need to just start making them. I will probably learn more just from doing it than thinking about it.

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